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As a sanctuary for the soul-seekers, the dream-weavers, and the magic-makers, our community is your new spiritual home. Founded by a trio of fiery redheads, (Allie, Tannis, and Jade!) we've woven our shared passion for empowerment and witchy wisdom into every thread of this sisterhood.

In the Crimson Coven, you're not just joining an online space—you're igniting a journey alongside spirited sisters who are rooting for your rise. Every tool and insight is designed to uplift your spirit, refine your practice, and help you manifest amidst a circle of folx who understand the power of unity and the magic of mutual support.

Are you ready to rise like a phoenix?

Throughout history, the power of sisterhood has been a transformative force.

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From the suffragettes who banded together to win the vote, to the women's marches that span continents today, when women join forces, they change the world.

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What it includes:

Exclusive Content & Podcast Discussion Forum: For episode discussions, sharing insights,  & Ask Me Anything Sessions

Astrology and Tarot: A space for sharing readings, discussing astrological events, and how they impact personal growth and empowerment.

Emotional Transmutation and Manifestation Support:  with special focus on transmuting anger into success, with resources, workshops, and discussion threads.

Earth Witch Essentials: Your domain for everything you need to know about incorporating the elements into your practice.

Healing Circle: For sharing healing experiences, support for sexual violence survivors, and sex work positive discussions.

The Witch's Craft: DIY witchcraft, creating potions, spells, and rituals.

Witches Marketplace: For witchy products, courses, and recommended resources.


Tome Turners: The ultimate witchy book club designed to unite our sisterhood in learning new spells, ancient witchy wisdom and spiritual practices.

 Witch Web: For witches in business, your place to network, connect and collab with other spiritual businesses.

A Sisterhood of Support: Navigating life transitions can be isolating. The Crimson Coven offers a compassionate community that understands, supports, and uplifts you through every phase of your journey.

Tools for Personal Alchemy: Learn to transmute your pain into strength. Our resources, from guided rituals to empowering discussions, provide the means to reshape your life with intention and wisdom.

Healing in Harmony: The coven is a space of collective healing where we address the wounds of love lost and dreams deferred, providing a path to wholeness through shared healing practices.

Reawakening Passion and Purpose: Rediscover what ignites your spirit. The Crimson Coven inspires you to explore new passions, form meaningful connections, and awaken a life of joy and fulfillment.

Empowerment Through Shared Experience: Reclaim your power with a collective of women who have walked through the fire of transformation. Together, we turn past trials into future triumphs.

Conjure your dream life with your sovereign sisterhood

Why you need this:

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Rekindle your essence as you join forces with a sisterhood of fierce, flame-hearted women. In the Crimson Coven, your journey from the smoldering embers of a life you're ready to leave behind, to the roaring blaze of the one you’re destined to lead, begins. We offer more than just conversations; we provide the catalyst for radical self-renewal.

Your new chapter is written in the sparks of the Crimson Coven.

Are you ready to fan the flames of your inner fire and embrace a life of unapologetic authenticity?