Sounds liberating, doesn't it?

Imagine your day starts like this... You wake up feeling powerful and aligned, ready to channel your passionate energy into actions that resonate with your soul's purpose. You're not just getting through the day; you're dominating it, with a sense of inner calm and clarity.

  • Transform Rage into a Driving Force for personal success and satisfaction?

  • Awaken Every Morning with a sense of purpose and a clear vision for your day?

  • Earn Not Just Money, but Respect and Empowerment by channeling your emotions into a powerful career and life strategy?

  • Revel in the Joy of Self-Discovery as you learn to harness your deepest emotions?

How would it feel to...

Are you searching for a sign to finally embrace your inner strength and transform your life's challenges into stepping stones for success?

Is there a voice within you that's yearning to turn your deepest emotions into a catalyst for change and empowerment?

Have you caught yourself suppressing your frustration or anger for fear it might be seen as unprofessional or unladylike?

Do you often feel a burning passion inside you that you can't seem to channel positively into your work or personal life?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

If you're nodding your head 'Yes' to any of these, you're exactly where you need to be.



Empowerment Through Understanding

Break the Chains of Conditioning

Unearth Hidden Strengths


Here's what's inside the course:

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Recognize and Release

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Cultivate Resilience and Grace

Craft Your Emotional Toolkit

Transformative Emotional Mastery

Build Emotional Intelligence

Harness Your Emotional Energy

From Vision to Victory

Amplify Your Personal Brand

Strategic Visioning for Success

Celebrate Your Successes

Achieve with Precision

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I understand the intense anger that can bubble beneath the surface, the kind that builds from years of sidelining your own needs for the sake of others, and the quiet struggles that go unnoticed...

Like you, I was desperate for a way to morph this burning rage into a beacon of empowerment, to channel it into crafting a life filled with intention and fervor...

I've moved from a place of feeling subdued by my emotions to harnessing them as my most potent allies, transforming my most formidable feelings into the foundation of my strength.

Now, I'm here to guide you through the flames to the other side, where your true power awaits....

Your fury resonates with me because I've walked through that fire myself...

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without getting yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

You CAN have it all. You CAN set yourself free from the chains of patriarchal conditioning. You CAN build a life full of freedom, success and joy.

A step-by-step action guide to unleashing your rage in the most powerful way.

This is why I'm SO SO SOOO excited to let you in on...


Objective: Focus on healing to release rage, preparing for personal and professional transformation.
Lesson 1: The Healing Touch - Introduction to Somatic and Energy Healing
Lesson 2: Rituals for Release - Crafting Personal Healing Practices
Lesson 3: Clearing the Path - Releasing Blockages for Manifestation

Module Three: Healing and Transforming Rage

Objective: Embrace and safely express rage as a transformative force, harnessing dark feminine energy.
Lesson 1: Embracing the Flame - Acknowledging Rage as Power
Lesson 2: Creative Fury - Art and Movement as Expressions of Rage
Lesson 3: Rituals of Rage - Constructive Outlets for Emotional Energy

Module Two: Embracing and Expressing Rage


Objective: Awaken hidden rage and understand its roots to begin the journey of transformation.
Lesson 1: Unveiling the Mask - Exploring Societal Conditioning and Personal Suppression
Lesson 2: The Roots of Wrath - Delving into Psychological and Ancestral Influences
Lesson 3: Somatic Awakening - Connecting with Your Body's Rage

Module One: Awakening and Understanding Rage


intentionally created to be easy to understand & commit to

6 Jam-Packed Modules



Objective: Translate career visions into actionable plans through strategic planning and skill development.
Lesson 1: Bridging the Gap - Identifying Skills for Career Advancement
Lesson 2: The Strategic Blueprint - Planning for Achievable Milestones
Lesson 3: Lifelong Learning - Crafting Your Personal Development Plan

Module Five: Strategic Planning & Skill Building

Objective: Channel emotional clarity into defining ambitious career goals and a vision for success.
Lesson 1: Vision of the Phoenix - Crafting Your Career Aspirations
Lesson 2: Mapping the Journey - Aligning Values with Professional Goals
Lesson 3: The Manifestation Mindset - Visualizing Success

Module Four: From Rage To Career Vision


Objective: Empower with networking strategies and personal branding to confidently navigate the professional world.
Lesson 1: The Power of Connections - Networking Strategies for Empowered Women
Lesson 2: Crafting Your Story - Building a Compelling Personal Brand
Lesson 3: Visibility and Influence - Leveraging Social Media and Professional Events

Module Six: Making Your Power Moves



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Absolutely. This course is built on real, lived experiences and proven strategies that have helped many women reclaim their power and redefine their paths. By applying the principles of emotional alchemy and strategic planning taught in "From Rage to Riches," you'll not only see a transformation in how you handle your emotions but also in how you approach your career and personal aspirations. You'll emerge with a clearer vision, enhanced emotional resilience, and practical tools to navigate your journey with confidence and strength.

3. Can this course really make a difference in how I handle my emotions, my life and my career?

"From Rage to Riches" is designed to shift your view of anger from a negative, destructive force to a powerful ally in your journey towards empowerment. By understanding the root causes of your rage and learning to channel it constructively, you'll discover how to use your anger as a catalyst for change. This course offers strategies and insights to transform your emotional energy into actions that propel you forward, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

2. I've never considered my anger as something positive. How does "From Rage to Riches" change that perspective?

Emotional alchemy is the transformative process of turning your most challenging emotions, such as rage and frustration, into powerful tools for personal and professional growth. This course will teach you how to recognize, understand, and channel your emotions in a way that empowers you, rather than holds you back. Through emotional alchemy, you'll learn to use your feelings as a source of strength, helping you to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilled life.

1. What exactly is emotional alchemy, and how can it help me?

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What you'll miss out on by not embracing your rage...

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